Monday, January 21, 2008

Baby Packs

Spence trying to see if he could pack both babies.
Don't worry. The kids usually like the packs. Just not at
this moment.
Is Spencer getting fatter?
No. That's Davis under the sweatshirt in the baby pack.
Spencer is contemplating teaching Davis the love of winter
fishing. I think we'll wait awhile to take him to the river.

Sports Fans

We spent the weekend watching the games. Spencer is teaching the babies to love sports. Friday night they watched the Jazz game and learned to cheer with Dad and Grandma Davis. Saturday night we watched the Utah State game. Here are some pictures of the babies getting ready to watch the games.

This is Davis wondering why the Jazz do such dumb
things sometimes.


These are some of my favorite outfits that the babies have. I'm teaching them to love hoodies already.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Blessing Clothes

On the babies blessing day we were in such a hurry to get to church and the babies weren't happy so we didn't take any pictures of just them. I wanted some where I could see thier clothes so I took some today. Here are a few I took.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I like to take pictures of every outfit the babies have so I can remember them. Plus my babies are so cute who wouldn't want a million pictures of them? Here are a few of the recent ones I've taken.

Baby Blessing

Spencer blessed our babies on Sunday. He did such a great job. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband that loves his family and honors his priesthood. Thanks to everyone that came. We love you all.


We had a dinner the night before the baby blessing. Here are a few pictures we took that night. Thanks to all who came for your love and support.

Thanks for flying out Brady. It really meant a lot to us. We love you.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Sleeping Through the Night

Two cute babies after a fabulous night. Davis and Blair slept through the night on the 26th of December. It was fantastic. Since then, Davis has slept eight hours non-stop each night. Blair has reverted to her old ways of waking up, but she usually makes it about six and a half hours. I think she'll start sleeping through the night soon, but it sure is easier getting up with just one baby.
If anyone has or is having a new baby we highly recommend the book 'Babywise'. It has been fantastic for our kids.


Davis and Blair getting ready to go to church with Grandpa and Grandma Erickson. The picture isn't that great because neither one wanted to cooperate. It was good to see everyone in Paradise again.


We had a great Christmas. It was so much fun to have the babies this Christmas even though they had no idea what was going on. We spent a day with each of our families and enjoyed every minute of it. We just wish we had more time with everyone. Here are some pictures from the weekend.

Blair with Grandpa Olsen

Davis at Grandpa and Grandma Olsen's house

Blair at Grandpa and Grandma Olsen's house

Blair with Grandpa Erickson

Davis with Grandma Erickson

Opening presents at Grandpa and Grandma Davis' house.
The gift might not look that exciting to most, but I'm obsessed with
ironing so I was thrilled. The iron is awesome. Thanks Mom and Dad.
Davis and Dad opening presents

Spence with his new fly fishing jacket. Big suprise...
He had been hinting at it for months.

Spence and Davis with more presents. What a perfect
gift when you're going goose hunting the next day.
Thanks a million everyone. We love you all.