Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nativity Mastered

My kids have been having so much fun with Christmas activities this year. They were thrilled when the decorations went up and they've been loving every moment since. They are always telling us that Christmas is Jesus' birthday and reminding us of the story of His birth.

The other day, Davis called to Blair, "Hey kid."
To which Blair replied, "Don't call me 'kid'."
Davis said, "Okay Princess." (A good choice because that's usually how she likes him to refer to her.)
But Blair corrected him by saying, "Call me Mary. I'm Mary now."

A few minutes later she told me her baby was no longer a girl. The baby was a boy and his name was Jesus. When she started taking off the baby's clothes, she told me, "Jesus doesn't wear clothes. He's just naked under the blankets wrapped around him."

At my parents later that day, she still insisted that we all call her Mary and her baby Jesus. She only likes to read the Christmas books about Jesus and she prefers to listen to the Christmas music about Jesus. Anytime she's going anywhere, she pretends she's on a donkey headed to Bethlehem.

I think we've got the story mastered.