Monday, April 28, 2008

Bib or Cape?

The babies were playing on the floor this morning and I looked down and saw that Blair's bib was on her back. That doesn't really help the spit up, but it does make you look like a super hero with a cape. Okay, not really, but I thought it was pretty funny.

I love that my babies are always holding on to each other.


We just got new bikes and a bike trailer for the babies. We are so excited to be able to get out and enjoy the nice weather. The babies love the bike trailer, but they hate the helmets we got for them. That is why there were no pictures in the helmets. We're going to have to work on that one. Here are some pictures of us testing it out.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Bumbo Chairs

My Dad brought these chairs home for the babies the other day. He had seen people that had them and thought they'd be good. They sure make feeding the babies easier. Thanks Dad!

Lake Mead

April 15th finally came and so did the much awaited vacation. We went to Lake Mead with my family and had a ton of fun. Thanks Mom and Dad! The weather didn't cooperate too well, so we had a couple of days in Mesquite hanging out by the pool, but it was still so much fun. We loved having Spence all to ourselves and he loved getting to hang out with the babies all day. The babies were pretty good considering their schedule was out the window and they did better than I thought with the hats they had to wear. Here are some pictures from our trip.

Hanging out at the pool
Riding in the boat first thing in the morning
Driving the boat with Grandpa
More pool time Catching some shade with Dad

Austin relaxing on the dock

The babies enjoying the beach
Davis headed to the pool
Blair headed to the pool
Davis swimming with Grandpa
Hanging out with Mom
Headed down to the dock
(Oops. I missed the arm holes for Blair.)

Friday, April 4, 2008

Five Months!

I can't believe our babies are five months old today. Those months have flown by. Time flies when you're having fun and we're having a blast! Davis and Blair are such great babies and they get better every day. They are learning new things each day and growing like crazy. It is so fun to sit and watch them discover new things. They love to look at each other and hold on to one another. They both love to "talk". They make noises non-stop and I think they know when we're at church because they increase the volume. They love to smile at anyone who will talk to them and Davis loves to laugh. He has the cutest giggle and he does it quite often. Blair has recently discovered her toes and she loves to hold on to them.

I thought being a mom would be fun, but I didn't know it could be this much fun. It is such a blessing to have them. Sometimes things can get a little crazy, but it's all worth it when they smile at me. Life doesn't get any better than two cute babies and a wonderful husband.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Girlie Girl

I love having both a boy and a girl. It is so much fun. I painted Blair's toenails last night. Don't look too close; I didn't do that great of a job. She is almost five months old and squirmy. She did tell me, however, that she needed her nails painted for flip flops at the lake, so we did a test run.

Ready for the Lake

As soon as tax season is over, we are heading to Lake Mead. It will be fun to hang out with Spence and let him have a break. He's super excited to see our babies all day every day. He misses them when he only sees them ten minutes each morning. Here are pictures of the babies in some of their beach gear.

They love the sunglasses. I thought they wouldn't leave them on, but they do. Davis doesn't like the sun in his eyes, but wants to see out when we go on walks, so I can't put the cover up on the stroller. I saw these and thought they might work. He has worn them on a bunch of walks lately and loves them! Pretty funny.

More Mobile

Tuesday Blair learned to roll from her back to her stomach. She had been turning up to her side for a week or so, but she would always get stuck on her bottom arm. She finally made it over. That night she rolled at least ten times. She loves it. She can move all around her room now. She even performed the new trick for Spence Wednesday morning when she saw him. I love when they learn new things!

Spring Church Clothes

The Easter Bunny forgot to make an appearance at our house this year. I don't know how that happened, but it did. Because of this, the kids waited a week to show off their new Spring church clothes. I thought we'd just forget about it, but Grandma and I found these and thought they were cute.