Friday, July 8, 2011

What Was She Thinking???

This morning, Blair was coloring and working on her "projects" while I was doing a little work myself. She's normally pretty good about keeping her mess on the counter and staying pretty clean. Not today. She came to talk to me for a minute and I noticed she had used a marker to color her arm. What??? Her response, "It's no big deal, Mom. You can scrub it in the tub." What a goof ball.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th of July

We started the morning at the Clearfield city parade. The kids had a blast and, of course, ate way too much candy. After the parade we met Grandpa and Grandma and Uncle Austin for lunch. In the afternoon, we just hung out and visited and enjoyed having Austin home for a bit again. That evening my aunt Sue and my cousins and their kids came over for a barbecue. We always have a good time with them.

The kids were so excited all day for the fireworks and excited to stay up much later than they normally do. That night, we did sparklers before the city fireworks began. The kids had fun, but Blair loved it a little more than Davis. Right before the big fireworks began, Davis fell asleep. Shortly after that, only minutes into the fireworks, Blair announced, "I don't want to see the fireworks anymore. I'm sleepy. Take us home." Ay ay Captain. What a bossy little girl. Both Grandpa and Uncle Austin tried to get her to snuggle up with them and watch a little longer. Her response, "Nope. I'm headed home now. Bye."

That was that. We packed up our stuff and left just after the fireworks began. Maybe next year we'll go to the barbecue and head home before fireworks. That way, when the kids decide they're done, we don't have to drive so far to get to bed.

Overall, we had a great holiday. We loved spending time with our family and it was fun to hang out with Spence again because he'd been on High Adventure with the young men for the last week.

Waiting for the parade to start

When we stopped to buy sparklers at Smith's, the firemen were there talking to people about safety and the kids got to go in the fire truck. They loved it.

Snap pops at Grandma's house

Davis was playing with Uncle Austin- that's him under the blanket.

Davis Grandkid Pictures

Emily, Trey and Ivory were in Utah for about a month. While they were here, we had Trey and Ivory come stay at our house for a few days. Davis and Blair always have a great time with Trey and Ivory. We enjoyed the pool, playing outside, and having sleepovers while they were here. In addition to the fun we took a few pictures of all of the Davis grand kids. They were pretty good sports about it.

High Adventure

Spence works with the young men in our ward. Last week, they took them to a cabin in Island Park. They fished, boated, went to Yellowstone, hiked, and had a great time. Spence loves working with the young men. Here are a few pictures from the week.