Wednesday, October 31, 2012

7th Anniversary Trip

For our anniversary this year, Spence and I took a much needed trip without the kids.  We had talked about going to Jackson Hole and Yellowstone and one day Spence came home from work saying, "I hope you got a babysitter because I just planned an awesome weekend for us!"  My parents had happily agreed to keep the kids and Spence was right, he had planned an awesome trip. 

We left Thursday night and drove to a cabin at a KOA in Hoback Junction.  The next morning, we woke up super early and got ready to go rafting on the Snake River.  I had never been rafting before and I was pumped and this trip did not disappoint.  It was a blast.  Everything aside from the fact that we left 100 degree weather at home and I hadn't considered it would be colder in Jackson and we were not prepared for the 45 degree temperatures we woke up to.  I did not pack a jacket for either of us and I was wearing my swimsuit, a tank top, and board shorts.  It was pretty fresh. 

The rafting trip was 8 miles of scenic rafting and 8 of rapids.  It was awesome.  We saw some cool wildlife in the beginning and got soaked and thrown everywhere in the second half.  I loved every bit of it. 

After the rafting, we drove to Jackson, shopped around a bit, and checked in to our hotel.  We got cleaned up and ready for a night at The Bar J Wranglers.  I had heard this was pretty fun, but I had no idea how much fun.  It was great.  We had a yummy dinner and great entertainment and, of course, it was awesome because I was with the best man ever.  Nothing beats dates with my love. 

The next day we left our Jackson hotel and drove through Yellowstone.  I know I went to Yellowstone as a kid, but I didn't remember being there.  It was awesome and even better because we could take our time and not worry about the baby's schedule, kids needing to go potty, wanting a snack, or bugging each other.  It was an awesome drive and we saw some amazing things.  I am always in awe of the beautiful things we have so near our home.  We drove and drove and drove all day and loved every bit of it.  That night we stayed in another KOA cabin in West Yellowstone. 

Sunday morning, we woke up and had breakfast and went to the Bear and Wolf Discovery center.  We watched some bears wrestling and it was pretty cool.  Afterwards, we had lunch and took our time driving home. 

It was so much fun to have some time without the kids and get away from home.  I can't believe how lucky I am to have Spence be mine for eternity.  I love him like crazy and I'm constantly in awe at how amazing he is.  I knew he was awesome and I loved him when I said yes after he told me he was talking to the bishop about getting married and then said so romantically, "So will you?", but I had no idea how much more awesome he could get as we went through life together and raised kids.  He is such a fun best friend and  he reminds me of that when I tell him I had fun doing something and he says, "Yeah, I'm pretty fun, huh."  He is a patient, loving, hands-on dad, and I hope my kids realize that they're lucky to have such an awesome dad.  Spence has a whole laundry list of other qualities that make him the best guy in the whole world and make me the luckiest girl in the world.  I can't believe we've been married seven years.  We have a pretty good life!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Park City Shopping Day

This summer while Miranda was here to watch our boys, Blair and I met Grandma Davis in Park City for a little shopping.  She was thrilled to have a girls day and had to pack her purse befire we left.  She is so much fun these days. 

Bees Game

Spence and I at a Bees game this summer.  We met my parents and Morg and Kristi and had a great time. 

Layton Park Day

I took the kids to Layton park to check out places to take the Phillips family pictures and we had a pretty great day.  I'm so glad to be their mom. 

Grandma Time

The kids and I stayed at Grandma and Grandpa Davis' house for a few days while Spence was a high adventure this summer.  We met Grandma for a little shopping in Salt Lake first.  My kids sure love their grandmas. 

Ogden Pioneer Days

Spence's boss donates to the Ogden Pioneer Days Rodeo and we get tickets every year.  This year we decided to take our big kids and they had a blast.  I think they look so grown up in these picutres. 

Clearfield City 5k