Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Gateway Fountain

During the summer, my mom and I hang out one day a week. One day we took the kids and let them play in the fountain at the Gateway. I thought they would love it, but they didn't. They weren't really sure about the whole thing; I think they we a little intimidated by all of the super big kids running around. One time, Davis was looking down into the holes when the water shot him in the face. He thought that was pretty cool and started to warm up after that, but I think we'll have to give it a try again when they get a little bigger. It was still a fun day, I was just surprised that the kids didn't just run right in.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Layton Park

The kids and I have been enjoying summer. We've found so many new fun things to do and see and the kids love exploring and checking out things they haven't seen or done before. One morning, we went to the Layton Park. It was a blast. We didn't have anything planned that day and had heard about what a neat park they had, so I thought we'd try it out. It was awesome.

We started out feeding the ducks and birds. This was the highlight of the trip for the kids. They loved having the ducks walk right up to them and they got the hang of sharing the bread after they had a few bites themselves. I obviously had no idea how much the kids would like this and I didn't come prepared with enough bread. I'll do better next time...

After feeding the ducks, we had a picnic and played on the toys. The kids enjoyed playing on toys that were different from the ones at our park at home. It was a fantastic morning. I am such a lucky mom. I loved being outside with my kids and watching them interact with new things. They are so much fun and I'm constantly amazed at how much they know and do these days. It was a fun little moment for us and I hope to remember days like this forever. Messy faced, sun blocked, dirty, happy little kids are the best.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

World's Greatest Dad!

Happy Father's Day Dad! We think you are the best dad in the whole world. We love you like crazy. We love spending time with you no matter what we're doing and we even love it when you torment us. We love hanging out in bed with you in the morning - we're the best at waking you up. We can't wait for you to get home each day and we love wrestling with you. Thanks for being so great! Now hurry home from doing your high council duties so we can celebrate Father's Day even more.
Davis and Blair

Spence and Davis getting ready to leave on the Father's and Son's Camping Trip
This little girl won't have to be embarrassed when Mom is out of town; Dad is a pro at getting her ready- he even gets the bow in just right.

Thanks for all you do for our family Spence. You are the best husband ever and a wonderful dad. I am constantly amazed at all you can accomplish and the way your mind works. I know that the kids and I are number one to you and that makes me the happiest wife on the planet. You're the best. Happy Father's Day. I love you.
Also, Happy Father's Day to the rest of our dads. We love you all and appreciate your support. Have a great day.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Major Update

I feel like I just did a million posts. I'm so behind because I've been pretty busy with one of my clients and any spare time, I'm having fun my my cute little family. Check out the new posts and watch for the next few I need to get done. They're not in order, but they'll have to do. At least they finally made it on the blog.

Recent Pictures

These are just a few pictures I took of the kids the other day. They weren't cooperating so well, but I still think some turned out pretty cute. Blair got more because Davis just couldn't hold still- there were cool rocks everywhere.

Living Planet Aquarium

Last weekend, while Spence and my dad were fishing, my mom and I took the kids to the Living Planet Aquarium. They loved every minute of it. They think fish are pretty awesome. They especially loved the part where they could stick their arms in the water to try to touch some. They got good and wet there. The place was pretty neat and had some little aquariums perfect for the kids to see on their own.

Working with Dad

Spence loves manual labor projects. He is always coming up with more to do. Here are some cute pictures of the kids "helping" Dad roof a house of ours. It may not always be my idea of a fun Saturday, but we still have a good time hanging out together.

Blair thought the nails made a pretty neat brush.
One Saturday at the end of May, Spence had a class in the morning and my parents and I took the kids to the petting farm at Thanksgiving Point again. It was super fun all over again. Here are some cute pictures of the day.

Davis loved this ramp. I think the must have gone up and down it twenty times.

Sharing some of Grandpa's lemonade.

They loved running through the jail.

After the wagon ride

On the wagon ride

Davis didn't have a great nap that afternoon. That night when the kids were playing, he fell asleep on the couch like this.

Thanks for the fun time Grandpa and Grandma!