Monday, June 13, 2011

Our Little Dancer

Blair started dancing this spring and she just finished up with her recital on the 7th. It's been a little crazy as she missed two of the five months of dance classes while she was in the hospital and recovering, but I think she's had a pretty good time. They do ballet and tap once a week for 45 minutes.

The recital was pretty funny to watch. All of the little girl classes had every dancer doing something different and some not doing anything at all. I was pretty worried that Blair wouldn't move when people were watching her because when her teacher would invite the moms in to watch during practice, Blair would completely freeze. According to her teacher, she was dancing when we weren't watching. We spent the weeks leading up to the recital talking about how much fun it was going to be and bribing her with ice cream after the recital if she did her dance for her everyone. She had her little heart set on chocolate ice cream with sprinkles for weeks.

Grandma and Grandpa Davis and Aunt Emily came to see her at the recital. She was so excited when the day finally came. She did her dance pretty good until the end when she decided the umbrella was more interesting than dancing and watching her teacher. She was absolutely thrilled when Aunt Emily brought her flowers and she got a cute little gift from her teacher. Blair lets eveyone that comes to our house know that the flowers on the table are HERS- she got them from her aunt and her aunt is a dancer too.

Afterwards, we took her to a frozen yogurt shop where you can put on a million different toppings, but she only wanted chocolate with sprinkles. Nothing more. It was a late night, but we had a lot of fun and she was happy.

Dance pictures

The day of the recital

After her performance

Davis was pretty cute at the recital. He was standing in front of his chair dancing along with all of the girls and clapping like crazy for everyone. When Blair came back from dancing, Davis said, "You did REALLY good Blair." He's a pretty good brother. He sits through dance class every week and was a trooper at the recital.

This is her smile at the ice cream shop. A little creepy...

Everyone, except Mom, enjoying their treat after the recital.