Friday, April 24, 2009

Warm Weather Fun

We have been loving the nice weather lately. It's been a great change. We love going outside, playing at the park, and the fact that it's still light outside when Dad gets home from work. Thank Heaven for spring. We couldn't do winter much longer.

The kids have been totally into bikes lately. Anytime they see a kid with one at the park, they try to ride it. The other day, we got trikes of our own. Despite the fact that they can't reach the pedals yet, the kids absolutely love them. We pushed them around for a while the first night and they thought it was the greatest thing ever. We are going to get pedal blocks so they can actually reach the pedals, but we haven't done it yet.

When we were pushing them around, Blair kept trying to pedal and wanted to do it herself, but Davis was in total relaxation mode, as usual, and he was content to be pushed. They are so funny and so different. Here are a few pictures of the first night riding the trikes.

I love that Davis has his feet up in this picture. That is totally his little personality.

Blair of course, being the little mama that she is, had to push Davis around when we were done. I think she really thinks she's in charge of taking care of him. She always tries to dress him, feed him, and do anything else she can possibly do for him. It is pretty funny to watch. Luckily, Davis is a pretty good sport about it all.

Another day, it was actually so hot that we had to leave the park after about an hour and go find some shade. The kids weren't really ready to go inside yet, so we settled for coloring with sidewalk chalk on the front porch where we could enjoy a little shade.
When I bought the sidewalk chalk, I had no idea that it could be so messy. I mistakenly thought they'd get a little color on their hands that could be taken care of with one wipe. This is certainly not the case with my kids. They unintentionally color all over themselves all the time. They either brush the chalk over their clothes while the walk, or they sit down in a spot that they just colored and get it all over their little bums.
As my kids get older, I have to remind myself to take a chill pill a little more often. Toddlers are just messier than I would like, and I'm learning to deal with it. Plus, the sidewalk chalk is pretty mellow compared to them learning to feed themselves. That is for sure not my favorite.

My Little Imitator

Blair is so stinkin' funny these days. She wants to do anything she sees someone else doing. The other day my parents came over and my Dad came upstairs with a cane. This was the first time she'd seen it because he just got the go ahead to get rid of the crutches and use a cane. When he sat down, Blair went over and grabbed his cane and started walking with it just like he did. It was pretty funny.

Since then, she's used his more and used one of the little golf clubs we have at home like a cane. It makes me laugh because she thinks she is so big.
Just a few days ago, the weather got nice enough that the kids weren't wearing onesies under their shirts. That afternoon, Blair was chasing Davis around, lifting up his shirt, and blowing on his back like we blow on her belly. They were both laughing so hard. It made me laugh because we don't do this that often, but it was quite obvious that was what she was doing. What a funny little girl.
Watching her imitate everything makes me think twice about what I do in front of her. I wouldn't want her to reveal any of my bad habits. (Hopefully she doesn't start biting her fingernails or Dad will go nuts.)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Welcome Home Dad!

Busy season has come to an end! We are all thrilled. Spence can finally come home at a reasonable hour and we have so many fun things planned. We all missed hanging out with him the last few months, but we appreciate how hard he works for our family. Now I won't have to tell the kids that it's not their dad coming home when they hear the neighbor's garage door open and run to the door yelling "DAD!" Thanks for all you do Spence. Here's to "vacation season".

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

We had a great Easter. It was so much fun with the kids this year. After breakfast this morning, they got their Easter baskets and they were thrilled. They were happy to get a few fun new toys and some good treats. Earlier in the week both Grandpa and Grandma Erickson and Grandpa and Grandma Davis gave them some fun things too. What lucky kids.

Checking out the Easter baskets

Showing Dad their new stuff
Who doesn't play basketball with a purse? Blair is enjoying all the fun stuff at once.

The kids both love the basketball hoop- What a nice Easter Bunny

Easter baskets are almost as much fun as more purses. Our little girlie girl loves purses, makeup, and jewelry.

Trying out the new sidewalk chalk

Our family before church
Blair's new Easter dress

Davis' Easter outfit- He didn't want his picture taken and wouldn't hold still, so this is the best we could do. We'll have to get some others later.
After church my parents and brothers came over for dinner. We had a great visit and the kids loved hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa and their two favorite uncles.