Friday, May 20, 2011

A Real Mom

Tonight Blair decided the garbage was too full so she took the bag out of the can and put in a new bag. Before I knew it, she was outside. I went to check on her and she was closing the lid of the big can outside. "Look Mom," she said, "I'm getting bigger. I can do all of the garbage by myself. I'm like a real mom!"

I don't know how she got the idea that taking the garbage out made her a real mom; I'm always avoiding that job. She sure was proud of herself though.


The kids were excited about Easter for weeks and Spence and I were too. The Easter bunny came to an agreement that Easter would be a bigger present holiday this year, not Christmas. The day before Easter my mom had the kids while Spence and I worked for hours putting together the swing set. My parents brought the kids home just in time for bed Saturday night and they didn't notice what was in our backyard.

At 4:15am, Davis came running up the stairs to our room yelling "There's a swing set in our back yard!" He was thrilled. Why was he looking out the back window into the yard at 4am I'll never know. He was way too excited to sleep after that and we were too. At 7:15, we let Davis wake up Blair and the fun began. It was all he could do to keep the swing set a secret until Blair saw it for herself. The Easter bunny hid the baskets outside this year, so the kids had fun looking for baskets and playing on the new toy all morning.

When it came time for church, Davis had been awake too long and he had a full on meltdown, but he settled down in time to sing in Sacrament. It was the first time my kids have done this and it made me cry to see them up there- I don't know when the got so big.

Spence gave a great talk in Sacrament (Of course and it felt like it'd been forever since he spoke last- about six months. I'm still used to him speaking every month on high council Sunday) and Davis was a reverent child in Primary. I'm sure no one in Primary knew what to think. Davis has a hard time sitting still most of the time. He doesn't talk, but he doesn't hold still. We practiced being the reverent child all week and he stood up there like a champ- folding his arms and not moving a muscle. He was so cute. Blair gave a talk in Primary and did so good. In the middle of her talk, she got frustrated with me trying to help her and said, "Mom!" in a loud and very annoyed voice. I about died laughing. Of course she didn't need extra help.

After church Grandpa and Grandma Davis came to visit and have dinner. We had so much fun. It's not often that Grandpa isn't totally booked with church on Sundays, but Easter landed perfectly between semesters at BYU. We had a fantastic day.

Davis waking his sister up with his "horn".
Blair wasn't sure Easter was worth waking up for.

The Easter Bunny and Santa decided the big present should come in the Spring because it would be warmer. Too bad that didn't work out. Christmas morning was much warmer than Easter morning.

Aunt Sue taught Blair how to use Robin Eggs for lipstick a week or so before Easter and she thought it was the greatest thing ever. Davis has decided that Aunt Sue loves Robin Eggs so he won't eat his. They're in the pantry waiting for the next time we see Aunt Sue so Davis can give them to her.

Of course the kids had to pose with the annoying bunny.

Our Favorite Aunts

The kids' favorite aunts came to visit one weekend while Grandpa and Grandma were in Europe for a month. Davis and Blair were thrilled to have the girls come and slightly disappointed they only came Saturday afternoon and Sunday. We had a blast while they were here- we went bowling (a favorite of the kids) and went to dinner (Davis choose pizza of course). All four kids (can I still call the girls kids? It doesn't feel like that these days.) had fun and came home to veg later. Sunday night came too fast, but we loved every minute they were here.