Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's My Birthday

This year, my birthday was a pretty mellow day. My parents and Morgan came up and we had a little cake and ice cream and a good visit.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Today, when it was time for lunch, I asked the kids if they wanted a sandwich, spaghettios, or chicken noodle soup while we were looking in the cupboard. Blair pointed to the cake mix I use for homemade Oreos and said, "How about cookies?"

Frankly, cookies sounded better to me too.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Two Years Old!

Davis and Blair turned two on November 4th. I can't believe we have two two year olds. That's definitely something I never imagined.

We had a fun little birthday party with Grandma and Grandpa Davis, Uncle Morgan, Grandma and Grandpa Erickson, Aunt Miranda, Uncle Jared, Aunt Mandy, Sam and Alex, and Adam, Abril and Sienna. The kids loved it.

That morning my mom came to help me frost the cakes. Those things take longer than they look like they would. (Okay, maybe not if you're not challenged, but it took me forever.) Blair and Davis were so excited for their cakes. To this day when they say hear "cake", they say "Blair purse cake, Davis dinosaur cake." It's pretty funny.

After high council that night, Spence stopped and got balloons, which we a hit for many days. And we had a great little party.

Davis got a bunch of matchbox cars and a mat to drive them on. Blair got a new baby and a bunch of baby stuff including a potty which she loves. We gave them an easel too. After opening the million fun presents from everyone else, we almost forgot we even had it. The kids got the cutest little build a bears from Grandma and Grandpa Davis which the kids have named Grandma and Grandpa because they push the hands and Grandma and Grandpa talk to them. They got new books from Uncle Morgan. Adam and Abril gave Davis the cutest little car that drives by itself and Blair got a fun dress up set which has been put to good use on a daily basis. Grandma and Grandpa Erickson gave them a blow up house-like thing that is filled with balls. Spence is totally not a fan of this toy in our small little house, but we get it out every now and then and the kids love it every time. The red-headed Erickson's gave the kids cute little art aprons. They were spoiled for sure. It got a little crazy opening presents with both of the kids, but they had a good time.

Here are their stats at 2 years old:

Height: 35 in, 65th percentile
Weight: 27 lbs 2 oz, 35th percentile
Head Circumference: 19.75 in, 80th percentile

Height: 35.5 in, 92nd percentile
Weight: 27 lbs 14 oz, 65th percentile
Head Circumference: 19.4 in, 80th percentile

The kids are so much fun at this age. I can't believe they are my little babies. There are so many things that are a lot easier now that they're older, and so many things that are a lot harder. Each stage has had it's fun things and it's challenges, but we've loved it all. Spence tells everyone that only the luckiest people get twins and now we're both hoping for two again next time...

The pictures are courtesy of Grandma Davis due to the fact that my camera had their birthday pictures on it when it was stolen.


These are just a couple pictures we got while we were in Tulum. The first one is in a Cenote at Xel-Ha. The second one is on the beach at our hotel.

Tulum: Royal Catalonia

These are just a couple pictures of us lounging. We have never spent so much time actually relaxing on a vacation before. It was a fun change. The second picture is us at the all you can eat pizza bar. Spence loved this place and each day we would go there to eat "second lunch". A must for Spence on vacation.

Tulum Ruins

In Mexico, we went to the Tulum ruins. These are more Myan ruins that were pretty neat to see. They were right by the most beautiful beach and the buildings they built were amazing. Toward the end of the morning trip to the ruins, it started pouring rain. It was insane. It happened so fast and we were soaked to the bone. Good thing we were dressed in swimming suits to check out the ocean over there. We stopped at a little hut and bought a Mexican blanket to put down on the Colectivo (locals transportation) before we rode home. It was a fun morning not ruined at all by the rain.

I know the pictures are terrible, but we didn't realize we had bought the worst disposable camera ever when ours broke.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Tulum: Playa del Carmen

One mellow day, we went to Playa del Carmen in the morning and shopped. What is a trip to Mexico without some great, cheap jewelry? We had a great time looking around and, of course, eating some great Mexican food- Spence's favorite part of vacations.

Tulum: XPLOR

One day in Mexico, we went to a park called XPLOR. We did about twelve zip lines, swam in more cenotes, rafted in the underground rivers, and rode the ATVs. It was really cool to look down over the jungle as we rode the zip lines.

Tulum: Mayan Encounter- Coba

In the afternoon on the Mayan Encounter trip, we went to Coba. Coba is the last of the Mayan ruins that you can climb up. It was so neat to see the cool buildings and how they made them. As you look around at Coba, you can see hills everywhere that are actually more ruins that have yet to be uncovered.