Sunday, January 29, 2012

New Year's Eve Pheasant Hunt

On the morning of New Year's Eve, the boys in the family, minus Austin who was in California, went to Wasatch Wing and Clay for a little pheasant hunting. They had a great time and came home happy and ready to cook their pheasant. It doesn't sound good to me, but Brady and Spence sure liked it. Spence also brought some home and made it into jerky on our new smoker my parents gave us for Christmas.

When the boys were leaving, the three younger kids were staying home with me, my mom, and Emily. Davis was fine with the idea that the kids stayed home until he realized that Trey just followed the boys out the door. In the past, Trey has stayed home too, but this time he got to go and Davis was feeling pretty ripped off. Davis is constantly asking us when he'll be six like Trey and doesn't like the idea that no matter what Trey will always be bigger.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fieldtrip to the Fire Station

Today was the first preschool field trip for Davis and Blair. We went to the Clinton Fire Station and they loved it.

All the preschool kids (and siblings) with Mrs. Kate dressed up in fire gear
Practicing how to get to the door if smoke has filled a room

Checking out the fire truck

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

One Smart Boy

Most nights our kids go to bed without any problem, but every once in a while they try to pull a fast one on us. The other night, we put the kids in bed and sat down to watch the Jazz game. A couple of minutes into the game I heard toys rattling around in the basement. Spencer went to check it out and, sure enough, Davis was playing with his new Geo Trax. Spence put Davis in bed and told him it was time to go to sleep. A couple of minutes later, he peeked his little face around the corner at the top of the stairs.

Being the sucker he is sometimes, Spence told Davis to come sit with him for a while. This is where Davis' little brain kicked in big time. After asking Spence what color the Jazz guys were wearing and figuring out who was who, he started in sucking up to his dad by saying:

"Dad, the Jazz is the best movie ever!"
"I love the Jazz!"
"Oh great, they threw the basket in the hoop again."
"Oh, no. They need to make it so the other guys can't make a basket."
"Go Jazz."
"Dad, me and you like to watch the Jazz together."

This went on for a good fifteen minutes before Davis had to go back to bed again and he was pleased as punch that he stayed up late and watched part of the game with his dad. His dad was pleased as punch that Davis acted interested in the game. I laughed at them both the whole time.

I sure love my boys.

Time Out

The other day, Blair got in trouble and Spence put her in time out. When our kids go to time out we like them to tell us why they're in trouble so they can recognize what they did. Spence asked Blair why she was in time out and she didn't respond. He reminded her that her time didn't start until she told him what she did. Still no response. A minute later I walked down the stairs and Spence asked Blair to tell me why she was in time out. In the most annoyed voice she responded, "It's complicated."

Spence and I laughed ourselves sick. I don't know where she comes up with these things.