Sunday, April 18, 2010

New House

We finally bought a new house. It was a short sale and it took some patience, but is went more smoothly than we had hoped and we got a house about 1200 square feet bigger than our current home for the same price we paid for the town home we live in. We a thrilled. The pictures below are before Spence started any work on it. I know you're all jealous of the awesome paint colors and the cool blue carpet, but it's not staying long. Spence the handy man has already ripped out all the flooring and all the trim and laid new wood floors in the office and the kitchen. (I'll post those pictures soon.) He has worked so hard already and we still need to put in new trim, paint, and get carpet before moving in. Once we move in, we'll tackle two new railings, finishing the basement, new kitchen counter tops and appliances, and working on a million and one things in the yard.

When the basement is done it will have five bedrooms and four bathrooms. One of the upstairs bedrooms will be an office for me and Blair and Davis will each have their own bedroom in the basement.

Spence is spending so much time at the house now that tax season is over and it's coming along great. Blair and Davis love going and Davis loves helping Spence with everything.

The room with the pink paint is the one that will be my office and if you listen to Blair, it's the most beautiful room and I'm so lucky it's mine. We always call the rental houses "work houses" and when we told Blair this was another work house, she said, "No, this is a nice house for us to live in."

The first couple of days, Davis ran around saying, "This place is amazing." He is so funny. He wants Spence to make an amazing blue room in the basement and Blair wants a pink princess room. I will definitely do some convincing toward some cuter bedding and room decor.

We are sure going to miss all of our great friends in our neighborhood, but we're excited about the extra space and the fenced in backyard. We'll come back to hang out with our buddies and play in the pool.

Davis loves to help Spence and one day when Spence was ripping off the trim, Davis watched for a minute and when Spence walked away, Davis picked up the tools and proceeded to do exactly what Spence was doing. He is actually a good little helper and brings each tool to Spence as he asks for them. One day as we were getting ready to leave, we told Davis to get in the car and he climbed up the ladder and said, "I'm staying right here." He can't get enough of helping his Daddy work. Davis didn't care that if he stayed he would be alone and he didn't care that he wouldn't have a bed to sleep in, but he decided to come with us when I told him there was no breakfast in the morning at that house.

One Crazy Easter...

Because Easter fell over conference weekend this year, we spent it at my parent's house. Saturday night, the boys went to the Priesthood session and my Mom and I got a few last minute things for Sunday. That night, the kids got new jammies from Mom and Dad and told us a million times how excited they were to see what the Easter bunny would bring in the morning.

After the kids were in bed, I got the baskets all put together and hid them. They were fairly easy places so we could teach the kids to find their baskets; Davis' was in the oven and Blair's was in the lazy susan with the cereal. The baskets looked so cute. Davis had Dinosaur eggs and Blue bunny eggs along with a new dinosaur toy, a blue bubble wand, and lots of candy. Blair had flowered eggs, pink bunny eggs, a pink bubble wand and tons of candy.

The next morning when the kids woke up, I told them they had to wait for Uncle Morgan to come before we could find the baskets. Because it was conference, I was making cinnamon rolls (a conference tradition in our little family). I was in a hurry, so I decided to pre-heat the oven and put the rolls on top to rise. After this, I walked away only to hear my dad yell a second later. I had forgotten Davis' basket was in the oven and most everything was totally melted. Duh, I don't know why I didn't think about the basket before turning on the oven. There was a mess of blue peeps and bubble wand in the bottom of the oven, but a few things from the basket were salvaged.

Because each kid's basket had boy stuff and girl stuff, I couldn't just put some of Blair's in Davis' basket. The Ox was in the mire; I had to make a quick trip to Wal-Mart on Easter morning. Uncle Morgan had come and he was helping distract the kids while I went to the store. We got a new bubble wand and a couple of new dinosaur toys, but there wasn't a plastic egg to be found. My Mom and I ran home and rearranged the baskets and re-hid them. The kids searched the kitchen and found their baskets and I don't think Davis thought for a minute that something was wrong with his. When you're two the burned basket handle doesn't register.

We finally finished the cinnamon rolls and enjoyed conference a few minutes late (thank heaven for the DVR). It was a stressful morning, but it turned out okay.

The pictures below are the kids' new Easter clothes. They wore them the week after Easter and Blair was, of course, thrilled with her fancy new dress. She is so much fun to buy things for because she gets so excited and tells me thank you a million times and gushes about how pretty and fancy everything is. It is about the funniest thing ever.