Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Spence!

Yesterday, much to his dismay, Spence turned 28! He thinks that if you're 28, you might as well be over 30. Because I love him, I taught the kids to say "Daddy's Old". We had a little birthday party and enjoyed some cake and ice cream with my parents and Morgan. Davis and Blair were great helpers opening the presents and Blair loved the box from one of his gifts.
Happy Birthday Spence! We're glad you belong to us!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dress Up

This is what it looks like when the kids decide on their own what they'll wear. Blair is completely attached to the new bow we got from Jenny today and her tutu is a must have anytime we're home. Top it off with some great glasses and she knows she looks fabulous.

Both kids are totally into other people's shoes, but Davis loves my boots. Anytime we're in the garage, he puts them on and laughs so hard as he tries to walk in them. Today they came in the house with us and once Blair had her glasses, he needed his too.

What funny kids. I love watching them grow.

Farm Country

The kids and I went to Thanksgiving Point Farm Country today with my friend Jenny from college and her kids. We had a great time. It was so much fun to see Jenny and catch up and fun to let our kids check out everything at the farm. They roamed around to all of the animals, but the pony rides were the favorite by far. The kids each rode twice and spent forever checking out the horses when they weren't riding.
Thanks for the great time Jenny, Savvy, and Vanessa!