Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Best Mother's Day Gift

The kids turned 18 months on Monday, so it was off to nursery today. I was worried that they wouldn't do so well, but it went perfectly. When we left the kids, we told them we'd come back for them and they didn't care one bit that we were leaving. All throughout Relief Society, I kept checking the clock to see how long they had made it and wonder when they'd come and get me to take my kids back. That time never came. After Sunday School, when we went to get them, they were still happily playing with the toys and the other kids. The leaders said they were great. (This is a huge relief since Davis bites Blair when he gets really ticked off and Blair has started pinching super hard when she gets excited. I don't want to have the mean kids in nursery.) They did, however, make a comment that made me laugh. They mentioned the fact that Blair was bossing Davis around. What a surprise; that little crazy girl thinks she is his mom.

Having the kids in nursery and enjoying Relief Society and Sunday School was the best Mother's Day Gift ever! I loved it. The only thing that could make church better now would be Sacrament Meeting first. The kids were pretty wound up after nursery.

I wish I had a picture of us to post here, but we had a crazy morning because Spence and I just got back from a week long vacation last night and we didn't have a ton of time as we weren't totally unpacked. (By "we didn't have a ton of time" I mean, we were only 10 minutes early to church, which most of you know makes me crazy.) Next week we will take a picture to make up for it. Maybe I'll even sport my new Mother's Day outfit that Spence got me. I doubt anyone would care that I wore it two weeks in a row.

And the Score Is...

9 to 4!
Today I noticed that Blair is sprouting her 9th tooth. We gave Davis a double check to see if he was ever going to get more teeth, but there were none to be found. Maybe he'll have four teeth forever.