Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Fishing the South Fork

I'm super behind on posting, but I want this on here as we use it for our family journal.

In July, we left the kids with Grandpa and Grandma Erickson and Spence and I went with my parents and Morgan to fish the South Fork of the Snake River in Idaho. Spence, Morgan, and my Dad frequent this place, but they wanted me and my mom to go once. Mom and I didn't fish, but we had a great time floating and enjoying the scenery and the company. Spence and Morg did most of the fishing while my dad rowed the drift boat, but Dad got a little fishing in too. The boys didn't think it was their best trip for catching fish, but they all got a few good ones and they always love fishing no matter how great the catching is.

Fall Pictures

I took the kids to my friends the Thomas' house the other day to take some fun new Fall pictures. Some are great and some are just becuase they make me laugh. I love my two kids and I love having pictures of them, but taking the pictures is always a big job.

Blair the Mommy

My kids never cease to make me laugh. I can't believe how big they're getting and how much fun they are.

The other day, the kids were in the bathtub playing. Davis, who has decided lately that he doesn't love the shower or bath, was saying "Out." Blair turned to him and said, "Hold on, Davis." Then to me she said, "Mom, I need a towel for him."

I died laughing. She was in the tub with him, but still so sure she was in charge of him and she just needed my help retrieving the towel so she could get him out. Funny things like this happen so often. Lucky for Davis, he's pretty easy going about having two moms.

On a side note, Blair's hair is getting so long. These pictures were from one day she said, "Curl hair please Mom. So Pretty." With such a cute request who wouldn't curl her hair?

JD Clark Tax Party

At the first of October, the tax department at JD Clark had a little party to celebrate the end of Fall busy season. We had a great time and enjoyed visiting with everyone and letting the kids play. They had the kids all paint pumpkins and it was so entertaining. Davis covered his pumpkin with every color available making it mostly gray while Blair only wanted pink on her pumpkin and was disappointed when Davis got a little of another color on her pumpkin.

Zoo & Cousins

In August, Emily, Trey and Ivory came for a little visit. The kids and I drove down and hung out with them and had a great time. One day we went to the aquarium in Sandy and another day we went to the zoo. My kids adore Trey and Ivory and love hanging out with them. Thanks for playing with us!