Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ready for Halloween

Yesterday my friend Jodi took some pictures of the babies in their Halloween costumes and Fall sweaters. I love how they turned out. She did a great job. Thanks again Jodi!

My kids with Jodi's kids - They didn't all want to cooperate, but we needed one together since they had the same costume and Landon was a cute little banana.

More Lake Mead

The last post was courtesy of Spencer. Since we are making this into a book, I think we need to write a little more about it and put more pictures on the blog. Feel free to skip the writing and look at the pictures if you're checking out our blog.

We had a blast at Lake Mead. I don't think Davis has had more fun in his life. He loved every minute of it. He loved the sand and loved the water even though it wasn't as warm as I remember it being in the fall. He was completely happy to go on boat rides and usually had a big smile on his face. Blair was a happy camper the first day, but the second and third day weren't her favorite. The second day she had a fever and was crabby and refused to eat anything. We gave her Tylenol and cuddled her hoped she would be better later. She wasn't. Finally on our way home at about 11:30pm Saturday her fever broke. We got home and noticed a rash all over her chest and back. She had Roseola. That explained the crankiness and the lack of appetite. I just felt bad it happened while we were at the lake.

Spence and I had a good time relaxing and enjoying time together and with our family after not seeing each other much due to busy season. Spence learned to air chair and I did a little wake boarding. We had fun hanging out with my parents and Austin. The babies love Grandma and Grandpa; and Austin can always make them laugh.

Here are a million more pictures of our trip.

Davis trying to get out of the boat and into the water
Spence about the crash on the air chair

Spence riding the air chair once he got it figured out

Davis and Dad hanging out at the marina

Austin feeding Davis to the Carp

Davis having fun with Austin

Davis wasn't happy about getting his life jacket on - it made it take longer to get in the water

Looking Cool

An afternoon snack on the boat

This picture just makes me laugh

A little wake boarding

Blair wasn't a fan of the water at all - this was the only time in without tears

Davis having a great time in the sand- The good part about this was he didn't mind going in the water to get cleaned up

Covered from head to toe

Afternoon nap time

Our cranky baby in the boat - Only a couple of weeks until the binky is gone, what will we do then????

Checking out the fish - The babies loved watching us feed the carp while they all went crazy

Blair helping drive the boat
Lunch time

The end of a great trip - Two tired babies headed home

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lake Mead Trip

Grandma and Grandpa Davis took us on a boating trip to Lake Mead. Everyone had a good time except Blair. See for yourself...