Sunday, September 21, 2008

First Steps

Blair has started taking a few steps. She took her first two on the 10th. Since then, she would take a couple of steps and then fall forward because she was leaning too far towards us. She loves walking all around on furniture and pushing the car around at Grandpa and Grandma Davis' house. Yesterday she started putting a few more steps together. She is going to be cruising around before we know it.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Happy Birthday Spencer!

Saturday was Spencer's 27th birthday. He was celebrating in Idaho fishing on the South Fork of the Snake River with my dad and his brother Jared. What a perfect place for him to spend his birthday. He was so excited to go fishing (as always), and it was a much needed break from work. He has been super busy lately with the fall tax deadline approaching, so I'm glad he could fit in a quick trip.
Sunday we had our families come over for a little dinner and cake. We had a great time visiting with everyone and playing with all of the kids. It was beautiful weather - we couldn't have asked for a better night to eat outside. Thanks for coming everyone. Yesterday was fun to have Spence around all day (except the five hours he was doing his church calling) and he loved seeing his cute babies. They do new things every day and he hasn't seen them lately. They were excited to see their dad.
Happy Birthday Spence. We love you so much and we appreciate all you do!

Sam was a great helper licking all of the frosting off the candles.

Random Pictures

My dad found this shirt for Blair the other day. It was so fitting that he had to get it. She loves her binky. I know, it's not the best thing, but sometimes it comes in handy. I always swore I wouldn't let it go on so long, but it's too convenient sometimes. It is wonderful at church and when I want her to go back to sleep without waking up her brother. I really think we'll be done soon, but we'll see. She really doesn't have them very often, she just loves it when she does get one.

This summer we were at a family reunion and Blair and Davis were playing on a blanket with their cousin Alex. Alex had a binky and Blair wanted it. Blair grabbed it from Alex and stuck it in her mouth. Alex snatched it back and put it in her mouth. The fight was on. Blair crawled up on Alex and grabbed it again. This could have been a knock down drag out if we didn't intervene. It was pretty funny to watch.
This is Davis and Dad having a good time getting ready for bed. The babies love it when Spence is home at bed time because it's a whole lot more fun. They laugh and play and get all worked up right before they get put in bed. I wonder why it takes longer for them to settle down and go to sleep...
This is just a cute picture of Blair. Anytime I have the camera, she looks at me and smiles. Now if she can teach her brother and do it at the same time he does, we'll be in business.

Roasting Hot Dogs

A little while ago, we roasted hot dogs in my parents back yard. The babies had a great time. They love hot dogs and marshmallows. It looks a little funny, but the high chairs outside were a great idea. Keeping two speedy babies away from the fire is a difficult task. Yes, my children do look like orphans, but it was the end of a long fun day. Who doesn't look a little disheveled when they've been having a good time.