Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Last Month

For the last month, since Blair came home from the hospital, our life has been pretty mellow. Spence has been super busy with tax season and the kids and I have been hanging out at home most of the time avoiding any germs and letting Blair get back to her normal self. The blogging has suffered since it's a pretty busy time for my work too. Here's what we've been up to:

A bunch of the pictures were taken on my phone- sorry about the poor quality.

We spent many days in our jammies, but not without a bow in Blair's hair. According to her, "You can still be fancy when you're sick." The picture above was the first time she walked down the stairs by herself after coming home. It amazed me how fast she regained her strength and got around normally.
We spent lots and lots of time in the bath. The kids love the bath and since we had no where to go, we could play forever.

We went to Grandpa and Grandma Davis' house when we needed to get out of our house. The kids loved all of the attention and the change of things going on. I enjoyed talking to other adults and having some time to get out when Grandpa watched the kids and I ran a few errands with my mom.

Grandpa bought this new fun toy for his backyard and the kids love it. The call the backyard a park now. I think the new toy put them over the top. It is a pretty fun place for kids.

Aunt Mandy made this darling quilt for Blair. She was absolutely thrilled and it is her new favorite. She won't sleep without it. Mandy quilted it too- what an amazing aunt.

This is one of the first few days we ran a couple of errands. I told the kids to grab some shoes and get ready to go. I had to take a picture when they came out with boots that didn't go with their outfits and a few toys that they needed to make the trip to Lowe's. They surely sported this look in public too. You can wear anything to Lowe's, right?

We had some really nice weather for a few days and the kids were excited to get out of the house. We rode scooters and bikes and even went to the park for a little while. It was so great seeing Blair play outside with her toys like nothing had happened.

On the 11th, we went to Blair's second follow-up doctor appointment. They did another x-ray of her lungs and it looked great. By this day, she was almost back to 100 percent of her normal physical activity. Her running was a little crazy still, but everything else was normal. The doctor said she could go out a little more, but to be careful with school and church and other activities like that because it is still respiratory season.

My cutie pie at the doctor

Happy St. Patrick's Day. The kids were thrilled to see the treats that the leprechaun left. Unlike all the good mothers that made their kids green pancakes, eggs, muffins, or something, I let my kids eat their treats for breakfast. I think they thought it was the best day ever.
This week we went to Sweet's Candy factory for the Joy School field trip, Blair has been to dancing, the kids are going to school tomorrow and we'll try primary on Sunday. Both kids are very ready to get back to their normal routines and spend time with their friends. I'm still a little paranoid, but I can't protect them from everything forever.