Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Circus

One day on our little "vacation" we ended up at the Gateway to see a movie because we couldn't find a good one in Park City. When we were at the movie, we realized that the circus opened that day, so we decided to go. It was so much fun. There was always a lot going on and the kids loved the animals. They each picked a toy and they've loved playing with them ever since.

Heber Creeper

We bought tickets and took a ride on the Heber Creeper one day. The kids love trains and were super excited to ride on this. They sat inside for a minute, but it was such a beautiful day that we took advantage of the outside car for most of the ride. It was a pretty long train ride, but the kids were never bored. They were thrilled to be on the train and check everything out that we passed. This was so much fun.

Park City

We had a blast on our little vacation. Each day we woke up and went straight to the pool and most nights we went swimming again before bed. It was so much fun to hang out just the four of us after we'd been missing Spence for so long. We went out to eat most of the time, but one night we decided to order pizza and watch a movie in our room. We chose the wrong night for that- the power went out 20 minutes into the movie, so we went swimming in the dark instead. The kids got so much better at putting their faces in the water on this trip.
When we got to the hotel, the kids were thrilled. We've stayed in a number of hotels before, but this one had two rooms, a kitchen, a balcony, and two TVs. The kids were in heaven. The immediately began running all over and checking things out. For the rest of the trip they called it our "hotel house".

Airplane Museum

After Fall busy season, we planned a little "vacation". We didn't really want to go anywhere far because we are driving to the lake soon, so we decided to take the kids and go to Park City. The first day, we went to the Air Force Museum in Roy before we headed up. I thought the kids would like it, but I totally underestimated how much Davis would love it. He thought it was the coolest thing ever and now whenever we pass it on the freeway, he asks if we can go there again soon.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Joy School

Today was the first day of Joy School for the kids. There are six other kids in our neighborhood in the group. We're only doing it once a week for two hours. I've been pretty worried about the kids going, or mostly just Davis going, because I don't want them to be a distraction to all of the other kids. They are some of the youngest in the group and sometimes Davis just doesn't care what he's being told to do. He isn't grouchy about it, he just ignores the person talking to him or says "Just a sec", but then continues on doing what he was doing.

We've spent the last few days talking about rules for school and how we are supposed to behave. When I picked them up today, the mom that was teaching said they did really well and even participated. Hopefully this continues. If not, no big deal; they don't go to kindergarten for three years...

Wedding Fun

My little brother Morgan got married on August 21st. It was a great day and we're excited to have Kristi in our family. Davis and Blair had a great weekend playing with cousins and we liked seeing Brady and Em too.

All four kids thought it was pretty great to have flowers like the adults.
Grandma and her girls
Daddy and his princess
Ivory was just hanging out like this. Doesn't it look like she posed? What a beautiful little girl.

Best Buddies

Davis was not thrilled to have his picture taken that night.

This was the favorite spot for all of the kids.

My gorgeous girl

When Kristi threw her bouquet, Blair tried to catch it with the other girls. When someone else got it, Blair burst into tears big time and cried, "I didn't catch the flowers". She was devastated. Em, Tara (Kristi's sis) and I all had small bouquets, so Kristi gave Blair mine and she was totally thrilled. We had the bouquet on our table for a few days and she continued to tell me how pretty her flowers were.

Morgan totally had it coming on his car. When Spence and I got married they trashed our car two days in a row at each of our receptions. Spence came up with the stellar ideas, I did the shopping, and we had lots of helpers. We did the usual car chalk (which Brady made rated R of course), but then we filled the car to the top with packing peanuts. Morg has a sun roof so it was easy to get it full. We had to clean it all up afterwards, but it was totally worth the $65 and the clean up job.


The kids were thrilled to have new boots, Wrangler's, and cowboy belts. I think they look stinkin' cute.