Friday, March 28, 2008


This afternoon I was helping Austin pick classes to register for next fall and I decided I would love to be in college again for a minute. I would like to go for a week every now and then. I love my life right now. I love my wonderful husband and my two sweet babies, but college was a great time! As I looked through the classes, there were a bunch that sounded interesting. There are still of lot of things I'd like to learn and it turns out, they teach that stuff in college. Who would have thought? I really need to go to the bookstore and find something interesting to learn about during nap time.

In addition to all the learning that took place in college, the other aspects of life were sweet. I had great roommates (Laurie and Jenny, of course!) and fun friends that I could hang out with all the time, and one of the boys (Spence, Adam, Paul, and Josh) was always ready to hit Beaver Mountain. We usually went about three times a week! Life was good.

Below is a picture of the one time that we went snowboarding this year. Yes, I said one time. I would like to think that this was due only to the fact that we have twin babies that were born at the first of winter, but let's get real, we only went once last year too. Picking accounting for a profession was a serious mistake on our part. The busiest season of the year is ski season. Lucky for me, I retired early and I can look forward to the day we teach our babies to love skiing/snowboarding and I get to take them all the time. As for Spence, he really needs a change of profession before the kids learn.

Despite the fact that busy season isn't super fun for anyone, we are looking forward to what we call "vacation season". Summer time is sweet as an accountant and we have plenty of time to hang out together and go fun places. The countdown to April 16th is on...

Thursday, March 27, 2008


Last week my mom and I were at the mall and when we walked by Kiddie Kandids, the girl said she'd take the babies picture and give me a free 8x10. I looked at the kids and for some strange reason, they hadn't spit up all over themselves yet, so I agreed. They weren't really in clothes I would have their pictures taken in, but what the heck, it was free. Of course once the pictures were done I thought they were cute so I had to buy more. What a good sales trick on their part! The black picture below is one they did there and the one below that is just another one we had done for Spence the same week.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sunday Afternoon Nap

Sunday I was playing with Blair and holding her and before I knew it she was asleep. We had to take picture of her funny sleeping position before we put her in bed.

Time With Dad

Last Friday night Spence got home in time to see the babies for a few minutes before they went to bed. They took the chance to show him all the new "tricks" they had learned. Blair rolled over for him a few times, but the last time she didn't quite make it. She stayed in this position for a few minutes before figuring out how to get all the way over after getting stuck in the middle. The other pictures are just a couple we took that night. Nothing special unless you're the mom and then all pictures are great!

The Start of My First Tan

The other day that babies and I went for a walk because it was so nice outside. It was nice, but still cold enough that they were wearing hats. When we were done I realized that Davis had gotten a little sun. He looked pretty cute, but the next day I bought some baby sunblock for the future trips outside. I hadn't even thought about them getting sun so early in the year. I'm definitely a first time mom...

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tagged...About Spence

I was tagged to write about Spence. Here it is...

What is his name? Spencer Ted Erickson
How long have you been married? 2 1/2 years
How long did you date? Almost 2 years, but not seriously until the last few months
How old is he? 26
Who eats more? I would say we eat about the same amount except when it comes to treats. Spence can down the sweets. Before he's realized what he's doing, he's eaten the treats I bought him for a whole week in just a couple of hours.
Who said "I Love You" first? Spencer, but if you ask me, it took him forever!
Who is smarter? Spence takes the cake on that one. A prime example: the CPA exam. I studied and studied to get ready for each test while Spence studied the things he had to help me with. On top of that, he did better on the tests. It can be frustrating sometimes, but I'm glad I married a "smarty pants".
Who's temper is worse? Mine for sure. Being married to Spence has helped me chill out (I know it's hard to believe for some of you), but he is never mad and he doesn't even get slightly irritated when I do have a moment.
Who does the laundry? Me. I am so picky about what gets washed together and at what temperature and what does and does not dry. I prefer he doesn't help here. Also, I am obsessed with ironed clothes and I personally think I do a great job, so I like him to just leave me to it. He is, however, a great folder and I really appreciate that he always helps out without asking.
Who does the dishes? We usually just both do them together.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I do
Who pays the bills? We both do. Whoever has a minute gets it done. Sometimes this is bad when we both think the other person paid the HOA and neither of us did. This isn't that big of a deal though because most of our bills come out automatically or we do them online. We are a little funny though and Spence does our family financial statements each month. We can't help but do the accounting for everything.
Who cooks dinner? I usually do, but sometimes Spence does.
Who drives when you are together? He always drives
Who is more stubborn? Probably me
Whose parents do you see the most? Probably mine , but we try to see everyone pretty often.
Who proposed? Spence. We were talking and he just said "So will you marry me?" and that was that. At the time, I didn't know if that was the real proposal so I didn't know what to say for a minute.
Where did you get married? Mount Timpanogos Temple
Who has more friends? We're pretty much even since we've sort of adopted each other's friends.
Who has more siblings? Spence - he has three brothers and three sisters and I only have three brothers.
Who wears the pants in the family? I really think we pretty much decide things together.

I have to say Spence is the best husband I could ever ask for and a fanatstic dad. I love you Honey.

I tag Toni, Mandy, and Ashley.

Monday, March 10, 2008

I Love Daylight Savings Time

Last night was fantastic. Yesterday I put the babies to bed at the normal time - an hour earlier than it was Saturday - and they didn't wake up until 7:30 this morning. They usually wake up at 6:30, but their little bodies hadn't adjusted yet. This was great because they slept an hour longer last night and were happy longer this morning. I love waking up to my babies making happy noises in the room next to me and it's even better at 7:30. I wish they would never figure out the time change.


Since the babies were born they have liked to be swaddled when they sleep. Each time they went down for a nap or to bed at night they were wrapped up. They have grown out of blankets and we have gotten bigger ones to wrap them, but they have finally come to the point where they don't like it anymore. Saturday night was the first night without being wrapped up and I was a super nervous. Since we are used to the babies sleeping 10.5 hours each night, the thought of them waking up makes me a little apprehensive. It turns out that I had nothing to worry about. They woke up once but by the time I got from my room to theirs (right next door), they had already settled and gone back to sleep. I am super glad they are over being wrapped up because I wouldn't like to think of wrapping them up for naps when we go to Lake Mead in a few weeks.

Good Day at Church

Yesterday was a great day at church. Spencer and I had to speak in Sacrament meeting. Because this is when we have to feed the babies, I stayed home from my first two meetings and adjusted thier schedule so Grandma wouldn't have to worry about it. We had plenty of time to get ready yesterday which is very unusual since church is at 8:30am and Spence has meetings every Sunday at 6:30am. Since we had so much time, I decided to take a few pictures. The babies always look so cute for church but I never take their picture becuase we don't have time before and afterwards they are a wet mess from so much spit up. Wouldn't it be nice if church were always only one hour?

Is This Right?

I just had to take a picture of this. Their Dad thinks this is the funniest thing ever and each time he changes their diaper, he puts it on their head first.

Rice Cereal

When we went to the doctor last week she told us we could start rice cereal. I know this is earlier than they usually recommend these days, but she thinks it may help with my kids excessive spitting up. I know some of you may be thinking that every baby spits up, but please feel free to come over for just one hour and you will know this is a crazy lot of spit up. I go through about 7 bibs a day on each kid and many times before I can get it taken care of they have spit up so much that they have soaked through their bib, their shirt, and their undershirt. After this we change them all over again. When we start to get them changed and put on a clean t-shirt, they spit up again so we take that one off and try another one. It is quite the process. Also, because I don't have 50 bibs and 500 t-shirts this means I do laundry all day every day. Blair has reflux, but it is getting better. She still spits up a lot, but it doesn't hurt her like it used to. Davis is perfectly happy when he spits up, he jsut does it a ton. Anyway, cross your fingers for me that rice cereal will help us out a little. Here are some pictures from the first time we fed them rice cereal.

Great Week

We had such a great week last week. Busy season is underway and Spence has been working a lot so the babies and I went to stay with my parents for a few days. I'm fine to take care of the kids by myself, but I'm still adjusting to being a stay at home mom, so I go crazy without someone here to talk to all day and all night. When we were at my parents my sister-in-law Emily and my nephew Trey were also there for a visit. We had so much fun hanging out with them and catching up. Denver is too far away - too bad we know they'll never liver closer. It was so much fun to watch Trey with the babies. He absolutely loves the babies and he thinks it's pretty cool that there are two. He was great help turning on the music on their toys and letting me know when they were crying. He would tell me "I want to take care of that one." This meant, please help me hold that baby. It was pretty cute. Even though the pictures here have more of Trey and Davis he favored Blair for sure. He wanted to hold her more and if they were playing by eachother, Trey would always talk to Blair.

It was also Trey's birthday on Tuesday. I can't believe he's three years old. He is such a fun little boy.

In addition to our fun time with the fam, we went to the doctor - always a fun time. I love to see how they've grown. Blair is 13lbs 4oz and 24 1/4 inches. Davis is 13lbs 11oz and 25 1/4 inches. When we were talking to the doctor she asked if they could roll over and I said they couldn't. She had Blair and put her on her stomach and she immediately roller over. I thought this may have been a fluke, but she did it again right after that. I think she may have just not liked the fact that I said she couldn't. Who knows. Everything else went great at the doctor. Davis didn't roll over there, but he did do it on Saturday when we were playing. It's funny how something so small can make a mom so proud. Also on Saturday Blair learned how to make the music start on her vibrating chair. They are so much fun to play with.

What a good little helper.

Davis and Trey watching cartoons in the morning.