Monday, November 29, 2010

Once there was a snowman...

Last Sunday it really snowed for the first time. After church, the kids raced home to get on their snow clothes and go outside with Dad to make a snowman. Dad said he would help them for a minute and they could make a small snowman. They promptly told him that the snowman must be "tall, tall, tall". When it was complete, Blair asked Spence to make it melt "small, small, small". When he told her it wouldn't happen right away and they would need to wait, she said, "Should we wait outside or inside?" I think she was a little disappointed when it didn't melt as she watched it out the window. Dad is pretty good at building a snowman, but he really needs to work on his melting skills.

More Halloween

Here are more pictures of our Halloween fun. Grandma and Grandpa Davis came over to see the kids and have dinner on Halloween. They handed out candy while we went trick-or-treating for fifteen minutes. The kids were over it pretty soon due to the rain. They got way more excited to see the kids that came to our house and hand out the candy than they did about getting their own candy. We had a great night.
The kids had a great time at their little Joy School Halloween party. They had a little program when the kids were supposed to sing, but most of the kids just stood there looking at the parents. They all enjoyed the treats after though and as soon as we left they sang the Halloween songs at the top of their lungs. Go figure.
Every year, they have a party at JD Clark and the kids love it. This year, Spence did a little better on his costume than normal (he threw it together two days before instead of the morning of) and the kids thought he looked pretty cool. It turns out having a big head comes in handy if your husband needs a cowboy hat.

Cute Kids

I know I take tons of pictures of my kids standing here, but I like to have pictures of them when I have just gotten them ready. And they're looking so cute. And I love this picture of Blair, she is always pulling this face lately.

Girlie Girl

Blair is such a girlie girl. She loves fancy dresses and her nursery teachers say she is always concerned about her dress in class. She doesn't want to do play dough with the other kids becuase she doesn't want to mess up her dress and she doesn't want to play with some of the toys because she has to be careful with her dress and take care of her babies. What a funny little girl. These are two new dresses from Grandma Davis. When she wore the blue one, Blair came home thrilled to tell me that Sister Crawford loved her dress and sparkly tights and shoes. The second dress was a quick favorite because of the matching baby doll dress. It was also a requirement that her baby have a matching bow before she went to church (where the baby sat in the car). It is so much fun to watch my kids grow.

Discovery Gateway

With the start of winter, we've been thinking of fun new things to do inside. Last week we went to Discovery Gateway. The kids had a blast and we didn't even make it upstairs. They spent hours checking out all the fun things, but they absolutely loved the grocery store. The took turns shopping and being the cashier over and over again. We'll be back there again soon.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Discovery Gateway

The kids and I went to Discovery Gateway with Jen and Boston Devlin today. The kids all had a blast. There are so many fun things there that we never even made it to the second level. Davis and Blair especially loved the grocery store. They loved taking turns being "the lady" and "the guy"- the checker at the store, while the other kid shopped. I love watching my kids have so much fun. We bought discount passes online, so we still have four more. It'll be fun to see them discover the things upstairs.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

3 Year Olds and a Puppy

I thought it was time to update pictures since the kids turned three. Blair loves posing these days, so she was pretty good and loved hearing how cute she was. Davis, on the other hand, was a nightmare. I don't know what the issue was, but he didn't want to have his picture taken and he cried so hard that his face was blotchy and red. I didn't have many to choose from with him and it was hard to narrow down the pictures of Blair.

When we got back from taking pictures, I thought we'd take some with the puppy. Those three make quite a difficult group, but we ended up with a few cute ones.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"We turned into three!"

I can't believe my babies turned three. They are so big and so much fun right now. They think they can do everything on their own and they let me know it.

They had Joy School on the morning of their birthday and they were thrilled to take Cookie Monster cookies to school. They just knew their friends would love them. When they walked into school the teacher said, "Happy Birthday Davis and Blair" and Davis said, "Yeah, we turned into three." I died laughing. What a funny little boy.

My mom came to help me frost the cakes during the day and my dad watched the kids while we worked. Grandma & Grandpa Davis gave the kids the cutest airplane teeter totter, so they enjoyed playing on that all day.

That night we had Grandma & Grandpa Erickson, Grandma & Grandpa Davis, Uncle Morgan, Aunt Mandy, Sam, Alex, and Reese over for a little birthday party. Grandma & Grandpa Olsen couldn't make it, but we celebrated with them a week earlier.

Long before the party the kids had requested a Cinderella cake for Blair and a Lightning McQueen cake for Davis. They were thrilled when we actually got to have them and they loved the giant balloons. They're still a highlight a week later.

The kids got such great presents from everyone and they were super excited about them all. This year, Spence told me he'd be in charge of the kids gift (which he never is) and not to worry about a thing. He was super excited and I was super surprised. He has always vowed that we would never have a dog, but he gave the kids a puppy. I think the fenced in back yard and the fact that the kids have never ending fun with Grandma Erickson's dogs put him over the edge.

We got a yellow lab puppy that was eight weeks old and all the gear to go along with it. (Side note: After buying all this stuff myself I understand why my dad was always so ticked when we left our dog stuff on the ground. I think growing up I didn't think it was expensive.) The puppy's name is Sully and the kids couldn't have been happier. We had them open gifts that had a collar and a leash and dog bowls and a toy before Spence brought in the puppy. They knew the things were for dogs and they said, "Oh no; we don't have a dog." Were they ever excited when "Dad found one in the garage." (Funny story- The dog stuff that we wrapped for Davis was in a Simms box and when Davis opened it he said "fishing boots" and pushed it aside before opening the box. Dad was definitely more excited when he got the box.)

Sully is an outside dog all the way, but we let him in for the party. That night we talked about how Sully wasn't going to come in our house any more and we would play with him out back. The next morning I heard Davis coming upstairs from his room and the back door open. He went right out to play with Sully before anything else. (Anyone who knows him well knows that he must be pretty excited if he went to play with Sully before he ate breakfast. That kid loves breakfast.) After a couple of minutes I heard the back door open again and Davis say, "Come inside Sully; it's cold out there." I came down with some shoes and a jacket and took care of that. That morning the kids didn't come inside at all from 8 until 11:30.

Since then, they've had hours of fun outside in the sun, pouring rain, and snow. They love that dog and they're always reminding me that they need to go outside because "Sully loves us and wants to play."

Dad did a great job. I'm glad they had such a happy birthday. It was so fun this year.