Thursday, February 16, 2012

Super Heroes

Davis is totally into super heroes right now. He has a Superman dress up that he likes to wear constantly and he has Batman and Spiderman pjs that also double as dress ups. He is always acting like a super hero and always getting the guys that "kill the day" (as opposed to the good guys that "save the day"). He chose super hero Valentines to take to his friends at school and he was thrilled that they came with a super hero poster. I helped him hang it on his bedroom door and he likes to show everyone that comes over. This afternoon he had Grandpa Davis close his eyes and walk downstairs so Davis could reveal the awesome poster. He then proceeded to tell Grandpa that it was a poster with Iron Man, Captain America, and Melvin. Grandpa laughed and said, "I think that guy's name is Thor." "Nope," Davis responded, "My dad says his name is Melvin." There was no convincing Davis that his dad may have been messing with him...


Blair loves art projects. She spent at least two hours on her daddy's valentines and used up five glitter pens. This afternnon, she decided to work on a "sticker project". Baisically she just had a sheet of paper with millions of Barbie stickers all over it. Her pronouncement about half way through the project- "Mom, my work here is much more important than the work Dad does at his office all day long."

I think she probably really believes that...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day

We had a great Valentines Day yesterday. The kids love holidays and this one was no exception. In the afternoon, we went to the store and got stuff to make a fun dinner full of red things the kids like. We had a heart-shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's along with red jello shaped like hearts and lips, chocolate dipped strawberries, and valentine cupcakes. We also made ice cubes out of red Crystal Light for our drinks. Davis and Blair made Valentines for Dad too. Blair spent a good two hours working on hers and used tons of glitter. She was very proud and Dad loved them.

For some reason, the kids had decided to surprise Dad when he came home. They hid behind the chairs in the living room and jumped out and shouted "Happy Valentines Day!" when Spence walked through the door. After our fun little dinner, we gave them their Valentines and they were thrilled. It was so fun to have our family "Valentines Party" as Davis and Blair called it. Spence and I avoid going out on Valentines Day because of all the people, so we're going on a date Friday. I sure love my family and love doing fun things with them.

Waiting for Dad

Love the Crystal Light mustaches

Monday, February 13, 2012

4 Year Old Pictures

I've been a major slacker lately. I just took 4 year old pictures of Davis and Blair on Saturday. It was actually relatively painless this time. Davis was easy to make laugh and he had some great natural smiles. Blair, on the other hand, was trying so hard to cooperate that sometimes her smile was a little cheesy. Overall, I think we got some pretty good ones. Thank heaven my mom could come help get their attention while I took the pictures.